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Administrative management requires expertise and professionalism, as they are crucial to the growth and success of every company.

Have you considered outsourcing administrative work to a hard-working administrative assistant in the Philippines or India? They may be able to speak English, but if you hire someone like that, you are essentially missing something very important. You may even get a great deal on the price, but you will lose something essential to your success.

You will lack something super important to you, someone who understands your culture and how you do business. More importantly, if they will be speaking to your customers, you also lack a homegrown representative of your company and someone who fully “gets it.”

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Helping You Be More Effective And More Efficient!

Vertica People takes advantage of a pool of candidates who are from your local area but, for various reasons, are no longer living in the USA or GB and are trained professionals willing to earn less than the standard rates you are accustomed to paying for the same service and at the same time comes with the cultural understanding and professionalism that you expect and work acumen that will exceed expectations.

Vertica People has a team of SDR professionals and office admins at your behest, available when you need them. Be it working with your clients or doing back-office clerical work. You will have the comfort level of your dedicated professional having your back.

Let Vertica People assist and support your growing business and save you money at the same time.

Please ask about our SDR program, where we can design a custom pricing structure including a draw against commission that meets your budget.

Our candidates work out of our central office and are supervised by senior staff. We provide a phone with a local number to your region. There is a base fee of $125 per month, and each hour will cost approximately $25 – $35, depending on the candidate. Minimum of 10 hours blocks per week.

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For more information and to have a no-obligation interview with one of our professionals, please contact us at +1 212 901 5195.